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Implement QoS for 3CX VoIP on Debian Linux

If you need QoS on your Debian Linux system, this step-by-step guide shows how to create a rule for iptables that tags all traffic from the machine with a higher QoS so as to ensure traffic is given priority.

Step 1: Making sure your QoS rules are applied permanently to your system

By default, your Debian Linux system will NOT save any rules applied at runtime. This can however be resolved by adding the iptables-persistent package to your installation as follows:

apt-get install iptables-persistent

This will create a new file in “/etc/iptabes/rules.v4” that will be loaded at each system and service restart. 

Step 2: Create a Rule to Tag All Traffic Originating From This Machine

Run the following commands at the command prompt:

iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -p udp -j DSCP –set-dscp 56

iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -p tcp -j DSCP –set-dscp 56

Step 3: Checking QoS is Applied to Outbound Traffic

Use tcpdump to create a network capture file for you to examine using Wireshark on some other computer:

tcpdump -s 0 -w 247-check-dscp.pcap

Download this file onto your PC, and open it with Wireshark. You can check that outbound traffic is indeed being tagged with the correct DSCP value:


Step 4: Make Sure the Changes are Saved Permanently

Run the following commands at the command prompt:

iptables-save >/etc/iptables/rules.v4

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247 Supported & BVoIP Announce Partnership

BVoIP 247

June 1,2015 Hatfield, PA & London, UK

247 Supported UK Ltd, an IP and Telephony distributor, who specialise in VoIP business phone systems as well as IP surveillance and infrastructure solutions, today jointly announced formal partnership with BVoIP to offer Cloud PBX and Unified Communications to its partners and resellers in the UK. BVoIP’s cloud offering and IaaS is only available through a channel model and is built around industry disrupting technology by 3CX.

Speaking of the partnership, Stanley Crooks, Director of 247 Supported UK Ltd said; “We initially began working with BVoIP by lending our expertise to extend their 3CX support services. The more we learned of their infrastructure and business model, the more sense it made to formalise and extend our working partnership. BVoIP and 247 Supported both offer a range of superb services that perfectly complement each other and make it extremely easy for our partners to build and grow their VoIP Cloud solutions. We are committed to ensuring a long and successful partnership.”

“We are really excited to extend our offerings through 247 Supported which is aggressively serving the UK market,” said George Bardissi, President of BVoIP. “We believe the UK is poised to hit regular adoption of Cloud Unified Communications. IT Service Providers in this market are clearly looking for an Al a Carte option to Cloud Communications while keeping things simple with a single point of contact. 247 Supported’s existing programs including equipment pre-provisioning are a distinct way to cut down the amount of time to take an end user from sale to go live. We believe this is a great story and a great partnership. 247 has already hit the ground running and Cloud UC is available immediately. “

About 247 Supported

247 Supported LogoThe 247 Supported mission is to provide a support base to empower IT resellers to do VoIP. VoIP Technology resellers can now provide top-notch service to their customers, and can truly promote themselves as a one-stop shop for all things IT as well as Voice. For more information on how 247 Supported can help your business improve its business communications, and to learn more about their capabilities, call on +44 (0) 1204 246247 or visit

About BVoIP

bvoip logoBVoIP helps IT and Managed Services Providers attack voice and unified communications worldwide. Having come out of the MSP space, BVoIP designed its program to not only automate how MSP’s interact with their existing systems and tools but to also assist MSP’s with an offering to standardise their Unified Communications offering to their customers. BVoIP’s platform is currently available in North America, Europe, and the Australian / New Zealand Regions. Find out more at

You can see the official Press Release here:

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247 TechStore – VoIP & IP Products

27techstorebannerMerthyr Tydfil ,United Kingdom, February 19th, 2015 – The team of VoIP experts that brought you 247 Supported today announced the launch of their latest installment, 247 Techstore. 247 Techstore provides VoIP & IP Products to the IT market through Channel Partners. 247 Techstore is an offshoot of 247 Supported UK Ltd, founded with the goal of delivering the right product portfolio to the IT Market.

247 TechStore announcement – Merthyr Tydfil

voip & IP ProductsAs Stanley Crooks, Director, 247 Techstore stated, ” 247 Techstore delivers the highest quality products with expert consultation. Key partnerships with leading manufacturers combined with a unique understanding of how these products tie in together with project requirements ensures that our customers and resellers stay one step ahead of the industry.”

247 TechStore’s “cradle to the grave” approach elevates the value of each solution delivered to customers  and resellers with a dedicated team of experts to guide and recommend where necessary. A hands on approach at selecting, testing and delivering products guarantee that each 247 Techstore solution works flawlessly, even when recommended in tandem.

ABOUT 247 Techstore

247 Techstore focuses on VoIP Hardware, Video Surveillance, Network Security, and WiFi & Wired Networking products. With a “knowledge-first, product-follows” approach, 247 Techstore allows partners to bring together diverse product lines into cost effective customer solutions.  This unique approach leads customers to value for money while retaining margin and revenue growth as deliverables for partners. For additional information, visit or contact us by email ( or phone (Tel: +44 (0) 1204 246247).

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While 247 Supported offers 24×7 support, during the festive season there are a few days where we shall not be offering deployments, service pack upgrades and general upgrades. These days are listed below:

  • 1 January – New Years day
  • 16 April  – Easter Sunday
  • 15 August – Staff Get-Together
  • 19 December – Staff Christmas Meal
  • 24 December – (after 1800 hrs Central European Time)
  • 25 December – Christmas day
  • 31 December  – (after 1800 hrs Central European Time)

Emergency support will remain available to our existing customer base throughout the holiday period and will take place as usual.

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Custom VoIP – Just the Way You Need It


Recent reports suggest that VoIP solutions are on track to become the dominant form of voice communication, steadily replacing traditional wired phone systems. International market researcher, Infonetics Research, famously forecasted that residential and business VoIP services combined will grow to a valuated $74.5 billion by 2015.

This valuation is reinforced by a highly competitive market contending to offer better quality services that costs less, enticing more customers into investing. Apart from that, VoIP technologies are extremely customisable, allowing businesses to dynamically adjust the technology to meet their user requirements.

Custom VoIP – Challenges Faced Configuring VoIP Technology

Expanding on the need for customisation, users often have different needs based on their role and responsibilities. As an example, if users in an organisation do not require conferencing, the button associated to that function can be repurposed to a feature they actually need, like speed dial or an additional line.

VoIP technologies including VoIP providers, PSTN gateways and IP phones can be configured manually or receive their settings from xml templates. When dealing with many devices such as IP phones,  manually configuring and customising each device individually is a cumbersome task.

The process is prone to human error and lacks lower level customisation options not typically available through configuration consoles.

Custom VoIP – Break Free from Restrictions

247SupportedLogoCreating and using customised templates is a quick and efficient way to assign a common button configuration to large amounts of phones, at one go.

Although VoIP solution vendors provide facilities to customise templates, these customisations are not supported by the vendor and left up to the customer to figure out and deal with issues as they arise. Thats where 247 Supported fits in.

247 Supported’s vast expertise in VoIP solutions boasts specified knowledge in template customisation. Templates are customised, tested and further supported as you, the customer needs them, when you need them.

Stay ahead of the challenges faced when customising templates and always have a helping hand to turn to when things go wrong with 247 Supported today!



custom voip –

custom voip –

custom voip –

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Future of telecoms

Future of telecoms St.Julians, Malta, November 6, 2014 – 247 Supported is pleased with the success of its latest event in Malta. The event was organised by WJ England in collaboration with Allnet, Vanilla Telecoms, GFI Software, GO PLC, Siscom and 3CX to update attendees with the state of VoIP as a technology and how the market is addressing this technology.

247 Supported Event Pieta – Malta

The event, which lasted a full day, included representatives from major players in the VoIP market discussing their specialised knowledge of VoIP applied in a range of solutions, products and partner programs. 37 key resellers in the Maltese VoIP market attended the event which was concluded with resellers meeting and building connections with the presenters.

Future of TelecomsAs Kevin Attard Campagno, Director, 247 Supported stated, “Although our usual audience is outside of Malta, we were delighted to present our expertise in all things VoIP to key Maltese resellers. This event gave us good exposure in the local market and, thanks to the collaboration with Patton we feel ready to support resellers in understanding the full advantages of our products and services. We would like to thank all of the participants for the warm welcome and the compelling feedback.”


247 Supported is an internationally recognised expert in VoIP solution deployment and support. 247 separates itself from conventional resellers by aggregating consultancy, maintenance and support services into a comprehensive VoIP solution. With an internationally recognized product list including 3CX Phone System and VoIP toys, 247 Supported brings a collective 50 years of IT experience to the table. With a cradle to the grave approach, 247 Supported delivers obsessive support to resellers and end-users alike. For additional information, visit or contact us by email ( or phone (:+356 21246247 / +44 1204246247).

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500 Registering Glare Condition

Ci sono delle circostanze dove un client SIP, durante il processo di registrazione con un servizio VoIP, viene rifiutato con la risposta SIP:

500 Registering Glare Condition

 Che Cosa Significa “500 Registering Glare Condition”?

Il client SIP sta cercando di registrarsi al servizio, ma il servizio ha già una registrazione attiva per il client. Questo puo succedere quando il client SIP deve registrarsi di nuovo (a causa di cambiamenti nelle sue impostazioni, per esempio) senza prima cancellare la registrazione precedente.

Come Posso Riattivare Una Registrazione Fallita?

Per riattivare la registrazione del client SIP:

  • disattivare l’account sul client SIP
  • aspettare che scadi la registrazione precedente (bisognerà aspettare per un lasso di tempo almeno uguale all’intervallo di registrazione impostato al client SIP)
  • riattivare l’account sul client SIP

Come Raggirare Il Problema?

Per minimizzare l’impatto di questa problematica:

  • Ridurre l’intervallo di registrazione sul client SIP ad un valore inferiore (120 secondi e un valore minimo ragionevole)
  • Quando bisogna cambiare impostazioni al client SIP:
    • prima disattivare l’account sul client SIP
    • aggiustare impostazioni al client SIP
    • riattivare l’account sul client SIP quando i cambiamenti alle impostazioni sono state completate


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500 Registering Glare Condition

Sometimes, when a SIP Clisnt registers with a VoIP Service, the VoIP Service rejects the request with the following SIP Response:

500 Registering Glare Condition

 What Does it Mean?

The SIP Client is attempting to register with the service, but the service already has an active registration for the SIP Client. This can happen when the SIP Client needs to RE-register (because of some change in settings, for example), but does not UN-register its previous registration beforehand.

How Do I Recover From a Failed Registration Scenario?

To re-activate the registration for your SIP Client:

  • deactivate the account on your SIP Client
  • wait for the service to expire the previous registration (the time to wait will be equal or greater that the SIP Client’s configured Registration Interval)
  • reactivate the account on your SIP Client

How Do I Work Around the Issue?

To minimise the potential impact of this:

  • Reduce the Registration Interval of your SIP Client to a smaller value (120 seconds is a reasonable minimum value)
  • When you need to make changes to your settings:
    • first deactivate the account on your SIP Client
    • adjust settings as needed
    • reactivate the account on your SIP Client when all settings changes are completed