Great Web Sites, Great Pricing

Setting up a Website for your new business should be easy and cost-effective. Even if your business has been around for several years, establishing an Internet presence does not need to be a costly expense.

247 Supported is now pleased to provide good-looking, functional websites for your business operations with great pricing, coupled with our willingness to help you improve your Internet presence.

Our offering includes 2 phases:

  • the Startup or Creation phase
  • the Maintenance Phase

Startup Phase

During the Startup phase, we will perform the following tasks:

  • Procuring an appropriate domain name in the “.com” space
    • Procuring a domain in a different Top Level Domain may incur additional costs
    • Some domain names are considered “premium” domain names and may incur additional (sometimes considerable) costs
  • Procuring a hosting package for your new domain’s website
  • Procuring a hosting package for your new domain’s email
  • Creating a first version of your new website
    • maximum of 5 web pages
    • maximum of 10 images
  • Creating email mailboxes for your users
    • maximum of 5 mailboxes
    • maximum of 2 group email addresses

This constitutes our standard Startup Package. However, if you wish to make particular additions that incur additional costs , these can be discussed and agreed prior to commitment.

Maintenance Phase

During the Maintenance phase, we will perform the following tasks:

  • maintenance of the domain name
    • domains outside the standard “.com” space may incur additional costs
  • maintenance of the hosting package
  • maintenance of the website content
  • maintenance of the email package
  • 5 hours of additional support to assist with making changes or with adding pages and images