If you are looking to introduce any IT system into the list of products and services to offer to your client base, you will definitely need to answer technical questions coming from your clients. 247 Supported Outsourcing provides you with an outsourced remote support team that waves your flag and wears your uniform.

247 Supported can provide you with a rebranded support portal for your clients to log into, where they can log support requests. They can also email support requests into the portal by sending an email to YOUR designated support email address. All responses generated to such support requests will originate from YOUR email address. We can also provide phone support to your client base by receiving calls on a support telephone number which will be dedicated exclusively to your clients to call in, again preserving your identity with your clients, and your sovereignty and ownership of the relationships you build with your clients.

Look at it as White-Labelled or Re-Badged/Re-Branded support.

Setting up a Support Team via 247 Outsourcing

Not every IT reseller has the technical resources to be fully IT conversant, so setting up a virtual/outsourced technical team can very rapidly make you a valid player in the market. 247 Supported Outsourcing allows you to have a technical team act on your behalf without the fixed cost of HR, and without the need for costly physical office space. If you can rapidly convert your current client base, your in-house technical knowledge is no longer an obstacle.

Growing your Existing Team with 247 Outsourcing

Growing your support team is not always the easiest choice. Is it the right time? How long will it take to get the person up to speed? Can you afford the fixed cost? How do you handle the “brain drain” when a key technical person leaves the company? If these questions have crossed your mind, 247 Supported Outsourcing provides the answers.